When I think of water, autor Mihai Chirvasoiu (Mike)

When I think of  water, autor Mihai Chirvasoiu (Mike)

When I think of water, i feel like I'm planning of going to another world, but I don't know how to get there!

Maybe because of the movies that I've watched in the past?
        Or maybe from a past experience that scared and made me decide that water is a dangerous place.
        Do you find yourself in one of these situations?
        It's interesting to work with people, hearing them in the beginning how hard they think swimming is : "I can swim but only for short distance because I get tired fast" "off course you get tired, hold your breath on dryland and you'll get tired there also".
        Anyways, I'm happy to tell them that I have the solution for what they've been afraid all their life :


      How come something that comes completely natural, we forget how to do it when we are getting close to this beautiful element called water?
        That's it! Put the past behind you and enjoy!
        With a lot of patience and encouragement from your swimming coach, you will set a breathing pattern that will relax your body and you'll be able to execute the exercises that will transform you into a swimmer.
        Why would you want to become a swimmer?
-It's the best exercise. Lack of gravity will allow you to perform sessions of exercises that you might find it hard on the dryland;
-Rescuing someone from drowning;
-Rescuing yourself from drowning;
-Disconnecting yourself from the world ; spending some time with yourself after a stressful day at work while working out
-Enjoying the pool and the ocean with your family when you all are traveling for your yearly vacation.
      There are plenty of reasons to know how to swim, most important are health and safety. And it's easy to learn how to breathe (swim), no matter the age, all you have to do is to WANT IT.

I'm Mike and I'm waiting for you at Bery Fitness& Spa Berceni to answer any of your questions and solve any of your problems regarding swimming.